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Your website is your foothold into the world of new media. It is the core of your online presence. While it is true that there are many pieces of the online presence, all those pieces point back at your website. Whether you conduct sales, create content, or just use your website as online brochure about your products and services, without a website, you do not have a solid leg in online arena.

Why do I need a website?

Most people think that a website is essentially nothing more than a glorified online business card. Actually this is farthest thing from the truth. In this day and age a person’s website might be the only marketing a small business can afford to do. Your website works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can make or maybe you have even made a passable website using a template or some online site building program. You don’t need a passable website; you need an AWESOME website. It needs to do some very specific things. First and foremost it needs to convey what it is you do in a language that your clientele can understand. Second, it needs to give the website visitor a sense of your product or how you perform this service. Are you welcoming? Are you fun? Are you somber? What feeling are you trying to convey to your customer? Are you transacting business online? An awesome website will clearly communicate these ideas. Thirdly the website has to engage the visitor and make them want to return to the website.

Why not use a template?Why not get my brother-in-law/the neighbor’s kid/  to throw something together?

Templates are an easy way to get a website together with minimal effort. It works like filling out a form. For many new business owners this seems like the only viable way to get a website. I implore not to go this route. Yes, a template will provide you with a clean and neat site. But by definition a template is a non unique thing. You will have a clean and neat site, but primarily the same clean and neat site that thousands of others have too. Let’s imagine that you make gourmet cupcakes for special occasions. You choose to go the template route. You fill out the forms, pick your options and voila! You have a website. You are seemingly happy with your website until you find out that your website looks an awful lot like the website of the local funeral parlor. Not so happy anymore.

Why not get my brother-in-law/the neighbor’s kid/my daughter’s boyfriend  to throw something together?

It is rare when you can get great service from someone who isn’t doing this professionally. Many times for them, when your website goes live and they get paid, it is the end of the job for them. For us, it is actually the beginning. It is the birth of your online person, and we look forward to working with you as your online persona grows and matures.

OK custom sites are great, but aren’t they expensive?

Some sites are expensive. It is hard to say what the general cost of a website is as everyone has a different idea of what their website should be. However with a custom website, you can start small and grow the site as resources become available. But even if you start small, you will have a website that accomplishes all three things necessary for a successful website. Also, we know that budgets are limited and working to make you the best site within your means is our ultimate goal.