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Case Study-Metamorphosis:Body Mind Spirit


I met Debbie Barbiero, a recent graduate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, at a social function. We were discussing her business called Deb’s Healthy Plate and, although it was still in the formative process, she was having difficulty signing up new clients. She was a nutritional expert who met with clients in her home for a discussion of nutrition and exercise as well as a nutritious meal. She was getting calls but very few were converting to sales. She was getting discouraged. She asked for my help.

I looked at her website and marketing attempts. I asked about what she wanted to do. After cutting through a bunch of preconceived notions, we got to the heart of what she wanted to do. She wanted to change people’s lives for the better and to do that she had to change the way people think about food and nutrition

The Challenge

Debbie had a couple of issues. The first was her corporate branding. She had no distinct identity of her own as her website was a template site provided by her school. So essentially she had the same website as 4500 people. Where she did customize her site, she added pictures of food and kept with the food theme. With the focus on food, she gave the impression that she was more a part of the catering or healthy market community rather than the nutritionist that she was. The problem was there was no consistency throughout. Monthly emails had different headers for each email. Color schemes and formatting were inconsistent. The second issue was that prices, from her clients’ perspective, seemed a bit high, and that was dissuading her potential customers as well.

The Fix – Corporate Branding and Redirection of Marketing Resources

Since Deb had founded Deb’s Healthy Plate, she had seemed focuses on food or at least food themed logos and such. I felt that the overabundance of food theme diverted attention away from her core message, which was to transform people into healthier and happier people. She also felt that her greatest tool in the transformation of people was the plate or dish that carried the nutritious food. She also wanted to start marketing in more affluent neighborhoods than her previous marketing campaigns. In order to do this, the more affluent audience needed a more sophisticated look and feel to pique their interest.

Now that the logo was designed and agreed upon, we could implement its “look and feel” on every part of Debbie’s identity. The website, business cards, newsletters and signage would all look like it came from a unified source, further cementing the identity on the minds of potential customers.

The logo also gave Debbie room to grow and expand her lines of business. She had talked about introducing yoga lessons and relaxation techniques. While these were parallel markets, Debbie’s original logo would have been inappropriate for these products and services.

Armed with a more streamlined and sophisticated corporate identity, Debbie was able to draft a targeted marketing plan and put that plan into action. Debbie is now enjoying the fruits of our collaborative labor.

This was the final result of the case study.

Case Study A